Beet Salad with Miso and Pomegranate with Klara Risberg

Recipe and words by Klara Risberg
This salad is a must for the coming season! The beets are cooked whole and then glazed in the most addictive glaze with miso, pomegranate molasses and butter so it’s salty, rich and a little tangy from the molasses which goes so well with the sweetness from the beets. The grains can be swapped to whatever grains you have but I love the smokiness from the freekeh which is roasted green wheat. 
Serve on its own or with any grilled fish or chicken. The salad will also be an excellent addition to a spread or buffet. 
Serves two as a main or four as a side 
500g beets 
40g white miso 
40g butter 
100ml hot water 
2-3 tbsp pomegranate molasses 
50g hard goats cheese  
250g cooked pearl barley 
250g cooked freekeh
1 lemon 
2 spring onions
A handful of fresh mint leaves 
8 radishes 
1 tsp Aleppo pepper 
Olive oil 
Salt and pepper 
Start by cutting off the stems from the beets and put them in a pan and cover with water, season with a lot of salt, you always want to cook beets in a lot of salt. Think extra salty sea water and you’re there. Cook until just soft. Run under a cold tap so they are cooled enough to handle and peel whilst warm, using gloves. Cut them into smaller quarters. 
Whilst the beets are cooking cook the grains according to the instructions on the packet. 
To make the glaze, melt the butter in a pan that will eventually hold all the beets. Weigh up the miso and water in a small bowl and whisk in the melted butter. Transfer back to the pan and reduce, adding the molasses after about five minutes. You will see how the reduction is starting to thicken. Add the beets and cover with the glaze and let simmer on low for 5 minutes, basting the beets with the sauce. 
Quarter the radishes and finely slice the spring onions on an angle. 
Mix the grains and season with salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon zest and lemon juice. Arrange on a shallow platter or low bowl, top with the beets and remaining glaze, radishes, sprinkle goats cheese, mint and Aleppo pepper on top. 
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