Fig and Toasted Almond Frangipane Galette

Recipe and words by Klara Risberg

Figs are in season so make sure you get your hands on the very best ones. The sweetness from the figs go so well with the toasted almond frangipane and the wholemeal in the pastry. Serve with either cream or vanilla ice cream.


130g plain flour

70g wholemeal flour or spelt 

120g cold butter, cut into cubes

20g caster sugar

2-3 tbsp ice cold water 



200g toasted almonds, skin on, cooled

80g caster sugar 

20g butter

1 tsp vanilla extract or powder

1 tbsp flour 

1 egg 

Pinch of sea salt 


300g fresh figs

20g sugar (only if figs aren’t sweet enough)

Zest of one lemon 

Demerara sugar for sprinkling 


Start with the pastry by sifting the flour into a food processor or bowl, add the butter cubes and either mix together until crumbly, or by hand, pinch together the flour and butter until a sandy texture. Add the sugar and water. Knead to a smooth ball and cover with cling film, leave to rest for 30 mins in the fridge.

Move on to the frangipane. Mix the almonds to a powder, add sugar, butter, vanilla salt and finally the egg. Mix until a smooth nut butter texture. 

Wash and trim the figs, slice in 1cm slices and mix carefully with the sugar (if using) and the lemon zest. 

Take out the pastry from the fridge and roll until a rough oval shape, about 3 mm thick using a rolling pin, flour your board and the rolling pin if the pastry is sticking. Carefully lift the pastry and move to a grease proof paper sheet. 

Spread or pipe the frangipane on the pastry and leave a 5cm border all around the edge. Add your figs on the frangipane in a nice overlapping pattern. Fold over the border of the pastry over the figs. Brush the pastry with egg wash and sprinkle demerara sugar over the figs. Stick the whole galette in the freezer for 15 mins and then bake at 160 degrees for about 45 minutes. I like to brush the pastry with sugar syrup once it’s out of the oven but this isn't necessary, sprinkle the galette with powdered sugar and serve with cream or ice cream. 

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