Green Gaff: Laura Jackson and Jon Gorrigan

Photography by Oskar Proctor

Presenter, fashion aficionado, working cook and green-fingered goddess, Laura Jackson very kindly invited us into the gaff she shares with Jon and Barry the whippet before they up sticks (and giant cheese plant).


If you look up from your keys, can you see any green?

Yes, I am in my flat right now and there is lots of green!

Tell us about your gaff.

I live in a warehouse apartment in Haggerston, where I have been for the last 4 years with my boyfriend Jon and our whippet Barry. It has large windows which overlook the train line – it’s pretty noisy.

What inspired you to green it up?

It has always been green! Jon is long supporter of the greener life, when I first met him 5 years ago before we even had cool indoor plant shops in London his bedroom was like an urban jungle. He used to get cuttings from his mate at his local coffee shop and have hand me down plants from family members as well as collecting unwanted plants from Freecycle (a great way of getting free unwanted plants by the way!) We have had the edition of 3 plants from Grace and Thorn but I have to say Jon was ahead of the time when I came to greenery – he’s a hippy at heart!

What’s your favourite plant and how do you look after it?

We have a big cheese plant and its so big and beautiful, I love the shape and the colour of the leaves.  I don’t look after it – I have my own personal gardener (Jon). I was bought some cheese plant earrings not so long ago!

Do you believe in green fingers?

I think some people are better than others at looking after plants yes…

We know you love to travel, tell us all about your global pot collection :)

Haaa – well I love bringing things back from all over the world. Before Grace and Thorn (CAN you even imagine that!) there were no cool plants shops so I would bring things back from SPROUT home in Brooklyn, mainly hanging ceramic pots as you couldn’t get them in the UK. Also I got my friend to bring me back from the US a glass terrarium which smashed in her case – I have no idea why but I still have it – still smashed! Thank heavens you can get all this stuff in London now!

How have your trips around the world inspired your plant choices?

I love places like Mexico city, they have the most beautiful plants, well they have the weather for it don’t they!! I think now in London with indoor greenery being such a thing there is inspiration everywhere - I especially love the indoor jungle in the Barbican though.

Finally, palm or petal?

Palm, obvs!




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