Words by Jessica Peace

Chillies take their sweet time so getting planting now!

Grab yourself some seed compost so you don’t burn your chilli seeds; and some gloves you can wiggle your fingers about in so you don’t burn your mitts. (REMEMBER, don’t touch the seed and definitely don’t touch it and then rub your eye - you’ll only make that mistake once.)

Chuck your compost into smallish pots with drainage holes, firm it in leaving a little space at the top and give it a soak under your watering can.

Drop in four seeds with a nice bit of space between and sprinkle a thin cover of compost over, gently firm in.

Pop them on a warm windowsill or if you’ve gone posh your propagator and keep the compost moist.

When your plant baby’s grown two arms give it its own pot and keep up the good work. You’re winning.

… Impatient? Check which variety is for you - the hotter, the longer they take. We like the ‘Erotico’ - you’ve got to see it mate.

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