We're always so excited to find amazing new products for you, especially when the ethos behind them aligns so closely to our own, and Wild For Dogs was no exception to that. If you hadn't gathered by now, we're all ever so slightly obsessed with our pups here at Grace & Thorn, and we know that they deserve only the very best. Lucky for us, Wild For Dogs amazing natural, organic and sustainable grooming products provide us with just that. 
After more than 12 years in the skincare industry, Wild For Dogs Founder Laura Sarao was shocked by the ingredients and quality of the grooming products available for her new puppy. Positive she couldn't be alone in her desire for safe and effective products, Laura felt compelled to create a product range that was truly natural and organic - as well as sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free.
We caught up with Laura to find out some more about her amazing range of products and chat pup grooming rituals!
Hi Laura! Tell us a bit about what inspired you to start Wild for Dogs?

I’m obsessed with all things beauty, and have worked in the skincare industry for more than 12 years. Since becoming vegan my passion really turned towards discovering the best in organic, sustainable and cruelty-free products. So when I first got my puppy Coconut in 2018, I naturally wanted to find her some grooming products that aligned with those values.

Despite the huge demand for it in the beauty industry, I was really shocked to find there wasn’t a single product on the market for dogs that answered the need for quality organic products that were also plastic-free and eco-friendly. On top of that a dog’s skin is much thinner than a human’s and more sensitive than a baby’s, so it really deserves the best care. So I decided to do something about it! 

As owners and lovers of mucky pups ourselves, we are obsessed with your shampoo and conditioner! The smell is amazing - what sort of ingredients do you use and why?

Thank you so much - it’s so lovely hearing feedback like that! The products are totally fragrance-free avoiding any synthetic perfumes since they are one of the most common causes of skin allergies and inflammation. Even products that claim to be natural are often using artificial fragrance. Instead we stick to very small amounts of dog-friendly Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils. The Lavender Essential Oil in the So Fresh So Clean shampoo wards off fleas and ticks, calms the nervous system and can help alleviate flaky skin. And Cedarwood Essential Oil in the Super Soft Conditioner helps to stimulate healthy hair growth, enhance circulation, and repel insects too. On top of that we use the best quality Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Willow Bark Extract, Soap Bark Extract and Aloe Vera - all of which help to give the skin and coat all the love and nourishment it needs to be in tip-top health!

What are your top tips for keeping a pooch looking their best?

My top tips would be to keep on top of frequent brushing, followed by a spritz of Love-Bomb (our 4-in-1 conditioning fragrance mist) for a soft, shiny and healthy coat that also smells amazing! If you’re not sure how often or which brushes are the best for your dog, you can complete your Dog’s Profile and download a free Grooming Guide HERE to help you! 


We love your focus on sustainability and natural ingredients - do you have any other dog-related tips to share in this area?

We all know that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, so I encourage pawrents to make sure their dog’s food is as sustainable as possible. There are so many brands doing amazing work in the space, for example YORA who focus on using insect protein, The Pack whose plant-based meals my dog adores, and Marleybones who are the world’s first and only plastic neutral dog food company.

It wouldn't be a Grace & Thorn interview without us asking what's your favourite plant/flower, and why!

Oh that’s a tough one - I adore them all and nothing cheers me up more than having some fresh flowers in my living room! If I had to choose I’d say peonies, because they’re just so beautiful - or maybe some simple eucalyptus as it looks great, lasts forever and doesn’t need any upkeep!


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