Some like it hot! Sriratcha with Klara Risberg

Recipe and words by Klara Risberg

Everyone’s favourite spicy condiment! Imagine it being a thousand times nicer than the one we all know from a tub. I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious this homemade version is. You will be putting it on everything. It’s a relatively quick fermentation, only five days compared to others which can take months. The recipe makes roughly one litre which may sound like a lot but it lasts for months and based on my own experience, a jar of it makes a fab gift!


900g red chillies, stems taken off

75g garlic

90g sea salt

95g brown sugar

95g caster sugar

4.5 tbsp fish sauce or miso for vegetarian/vegan friendly

4.5 tbsp rice wine vinegar


1. Weigh up chillies, sugars, garlic and salt and blitz to a paste in a mixer. Transfer to a clean bowl or big jar and cover with a lid. Let it ferment for 5 days and burp each day (open the lid).

2.  After five days of fermenting it’s time to mix.

3. Transfer to a blender/mixer and mix to a fine paste, depending on the power of your mixer it can take 5-10 minutes, so let it wizz on.

4. Add the mixture to a big pot and add fish sauce (or miso for vegan) and vinegar and simmer for five minutes.

5. Fill up a couple of sterilised jars and let cool before closing with a lid. Keeps in the fridge for months (but it won’t last that long, it’s too good)


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