It's back!! We headed to the first May Chelsea Flower Show since pre-lockdown to take a look at what those clever green fingers had lined up for us, and we weren't disappointed! 

Whether you're headed there yourself or watching it all unfold on TV, here's our top picks from the show!

Morris & Co Show Garden

Beautifully delicate planting in a dreamy palette enticing you in to an extremely welcoming seating area - we know where we want to be spending our summer evenings! William Morris was known his reverence for the natural world, and Morris & Co drew on two of his most iconic designs (Trellis and Willow Boughs, if you're interested) to inspire this incredible garden.

The Mind Show Garden

Clever planting winds its away around a series of cascading sculptural walls creating turbulence, which is relieved not only but the soft planting but also by the calm, enclosed seating areas. The walls are key to the garden's concept of connecting with each other for our mental health.

MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future Show Garden

The combination of lush, unusual planting and striking central structure create atmosphere and drama that you can't help but drawn in by. There's a focus on sustainability and it just shows you how much can be achieved whilst still being friendly to the planet, inspiring us all to take a more environmentally-minded approach to gardens.

A Rewilding Britain Landscape Show Garden

This garden was one of the only gardens that had a truly wild feel to it this year, and it had good reason. The garden showcases a rewilding landscape after the reintroduction of beavers, complete with real beaver-gnawed sticks forming a dam and some little beaver paw prints - ADORABLE!

A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons

They called it a sanctuary and they weren't wrong. Harmonious planting and an inviting, cosy garden room and deck gives this garden a feeling of instant calm and reflection.  

Hands off Mangrove by Grow2Know Sanctuary Garden

Inspired by the real-life story of the community activists known as the Mangrove Nine, who were tried and acquitted of inciting a riot in Notting Hill in 1970, this garden is built around a deforested mangrove sculpture which acts as a stark reminder of the impacts we are having on our planet’s most important ecosystems, both locally and globally, environmentally and politically.

A Mediterranean Reflection Container Garden

This garden transported us right to the Balearic Islands (much needed whilst dodging rain showers!) The design is particularly well suited to bright patios and balconies, making it something that so many of us can replicate no matter how small our outdoor space is.

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