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At Grace & Thorn we want every wedding to be as unique as you are! We have a huge studio full of an eclectic mix of vessels and props.  We offer a consultation, whereby we discuss your requirements with you and then we prepare a proposal for you, based on our meeting and our of course offer our suggestions also! 

Our bespoke wedding flower package starts at £5000, for budgets less than this please refer to our Ready to Wear wedding flowers collection.

Please contact us on:

info@graceandthorn.com or call (+44) (0) 207 739 1521 press 2. 

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plant porn: hops

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green up your life

plant power: bergamot

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green up your life

girlvscancer x grace & thorn

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to mark it we're supporting the amazing GIRLvsCANCER's In Bloom campaign. Breast cancer is the most ...

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