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**WE ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR 2022 BESPOKE WEDDINGS** Please refer to our RTW service!

At Grace & Thorn we want every wedding to be as unique as you are! We have a huge studio full of an eclectic mix of vessels and props.  We offer a consultation, whereby we discuss your requirements with you and then we prepare a proposal for you, based on our meeting and our of course offer our suggestions also! 

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info@graceandthorn.com or call (+44) (0) 207 739 1521

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The History of Houseplants
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the history of houseplants

 THE HISTORY OF THE HUMBLE HOUSEPLANT   Whether it’s for their fragrance, style, culinary use or health benefits, people have been bringin...

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turning a new leaf

New Year's Eve is a time we look forward to new beginnings and fresh starts, so it's not surprising that there are literally hundreds of tradition...

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