Kentia Palm



Name Check:

This classic indoor palm known as the Kentia is native to Australia, also known as the Howea Forsteriana.

Difficulty Rating;

Easy as, don't be afraid to cut off the brown leaves, it's like chopping off a split end doesn't mean the plant is dying.

The Deets:

Our houseplant friends never forget their roots, and they’ll always be the most content when their surroundings mimic their natural environment. A lover of light and a favourite at Grace & Thorn, palms are the DeLorean time machine of the plant world, transporting us back to colonial eras and glamorous hotels.

The kentia palm is especially reminiscent of times gone by, and is the perfect stand-alone plant for that empty corner you just keep meaning to fill. He’s not the most forgiving of plants, and you might have to pay him a visit with the scissors every now and then to snip off some brown leaves but more often than not they’ll grow back quickly. He’s a good guy to have around as a natural air purifier, so try and find him a home in a room you like to spend a lot of time in.

90-130cm height-  Pot Size 19cm


(Please note these measurements are approximate, each plant will vary)

(Pot sold separately)

Please note not all of our plants are in stock, as soon as we have it we will send it to you, usually within 7 days. Also please note that this photo will differ from the plant you receive, just like we are every plant is unique!




Care Rating

Mostly easy with a side of drama

Pot Size

20 – 35cm


Approximately 60 – 150cm inc. pot

*Please note measurements are approximate and each plant will vary

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